The New Mexico Chile Film

Directed by Bruce “Pacho” Lane
Short film
In production

Chile peppers are a common symbol of the unique New Mexico culture – a cuisine and a tradition shared by the three cultural groups of the state – Indigenous, Hispanic, and Anglo. Chile peppers are an important cash crop, while the distinction between Texas chili, Mexican chile con carne, and New Mexico chile cuisine is a marker of the separate identity of the region. The New Mexico Chile Film examines, in a light-hearted way, the roll of chile peppers in the three New Mexico cultures.

In a crowded New Mexico bar, there is a long line waiting to use the men’s bathroom. Two men, an Anglo and a Hispanic, both decide to step outside to relieve themselves. As they are doing so, the Anglo remarks, “Pretty chilly, huh?”. The Hispanic guy replies, “Thank You”. (In response to the joke, RC Gorman, the Navajo artist, made a painting of a green chile with breasts! Watch for it in the filmclip!)