The Eagle's Children

Directed by Bruce “Pacho” Lane
(39 minutes)


“One day we shall rise reunited,
Gaining strength from the New Sun
To fulfill our destiny.”

Cuauhtemoc, last Aztec ruler

“La Danza de la Conquista del Gran Tenochtitlan”, also known as “Los Concheros”, “Danza Azteca”, & “Danza Chichimeca”, traces its origins to pre-Columbian Nahua (“Aztec”) roots. Its adherents are organized into dance groups, each led by a “Capitan de Danza”, who must obey one of the “Generales” who head distinct lineages and claim to pass traditional lore down from before the Spanish invasion of Mexico. The “Danzantes” must take part in a complex series of “obligaciones” throughout the year. At the great annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Chalma, thousands of “Danzantes” from Mexico and the US gather for four days of ritual and dance.

Since the 1960’s, Mexican dance teachers like Florencio Yescas and Andres Segura have brought the “Danza” to the US. The Eagle’s Children follows Mexican-American “Danzantes” to Chalma, Central Texas, and San Diego, as they rediscover their indigenous heritage.

“Like The Tree of Life & The Tree of Knowledge, The Eagle’s Children is a tremendously sensitive film addressing very important issues about dance in general. The three films together highlight most of the issues about the inner meaning of dance to self and community, from the symbolic and social, to the personal and experiential.”

Allegra Fuller Snyder UCLA Dance Department

Why We Dance


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