Anales de Tepoztlán

El Tepozteco,his fiesta,
Las Portadas de Semillas
(Mosaics made from seeds to celebrate the Virgin of Nativity)

Talking Walls: The Iconography of Tepoztecan Resistance
The "visual culture" of Tepoztlan and its role in defining Tepoztlan's unique culture and solidarity

Las Portadads de Semillas, a spectacular new artform
An introduction and an index to pages devoted to the Portada for each year since they were originated in 1991.

Las Portadas de Semillas: Annual State of the Culture Representations in Tepoztlán, Mexico

"The portadas are a recent deliberate attempt to reinforce Tepoztecan identity in the face of an ever-increasing intrusion
of the globalized world into Tepoztecan autonomy"

The Legend of el Tepozteco in the mural of the "Hotel Chinelos"
This mural was the inspiration for the use of a "codex style" in the Portada de Semillas of 1994 and thereafter. The captions provide a brief and useful summary of the legend which is portrayed in many of the Portadas.

The Making of a Portada: 2001

Organization of the Annual Project
by Mario Flores

The Portadas Project
Introduction to a project in art, history, and anthropology, documenting the history of the Portadas de Semillas

Pictorial State of the Culture Representations in Tepoztlán, Morelos

Paper presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 13-18

The most complete essay to date about the meaning of Portadas de Semillas and Banderas de Carnival in Tepoztlán

Information about El Reto, the annual pageant celebrating the deeds of el Tepozteco

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