Anales de Tepoztlán


Comparison of 10 versions of the Legend of the Tepozteco

Actions Version A (1928) Version B (1928) Version C (1928) Version D (1937) Version E (1942) Version F (1959) Version G (1994) Version H (1995) Version I (2001) Version J (2002)
Air impregnated an old maid in Axitla (: 28).

In a cave with a stream, a young girl was impreg-
nated by a bird. She gave birth to the ugly Tepozton
A "nun" who was sweeping inside the temple or church, was impregnated
by a bead (: 276-7).
An Ometochtli princess
got mysteriously preg-
nant (: 43).
The virgin wife of a king who had many wives gave birth to a boy.
Place of conception: Tlatlacualoyan stream, in front of Ehecatepetl.
A feather from the bird that was the spirit of the wind impregnated the princess.
A princess was
impregnated by
the wind (: 25).
In the Atongo
ravine, the wind
impregnated a
young woman.
In Axitla, the feather of a red bird sent by Ehecatl impregnated a princess.
Attempts to kill
Agents: women.
1) Ants- but they fed him
with crumbs.
2) Maguey-leaves fed him
with sap.
Agent: man.
3) Box into ravine (: 28).
Agent: herself
1) Box into ravine to be
taken away by rain, but
it did not rain (: 277-8).
She took the boy to the
Otonco river by the town
of Ixcatepec (: 43).

Agent: herself

1) Ants.
2) Maguey.
3) Box into river.

Agent: father
1) Ant hill. Punishment of wind:
2) Maguey
3) Box into river Atongo (: 46).
Agent: herself
1) Anthill
2) Maguey
3) A box into
Agent: her father.
1)Threw baby from a clift,
but the wind saved him.
2) Maguey
3) Ants
Agents: maids by parents’ orders
1) Ant hill
2) Maguey
3) On top of a tezcal (stone mound)
4) A box in the river
An old man (: 31).
    A woodcutter (: 278).
The princess of Tepoz-
tlán found him and took
him to her father. He tried to
kill him:
1) Maguey
2) Ants (:44)
Two men.
An old couple with grown-up
children (: 48)
An old man while
An old couple.
An old couple.
Adoptive parents
An old couple with children
(: 31).
    An old childless couple
(: 279).
The ruler of Tepoztlán and his daughter adopted him.

They took care of him
until he was eigh
An old couple with grown-up
children (: 48)
An old couple.
An old couple.
An old couple.
Woman pretended to have
given birth (: 33)
    Woman pretended to have
given birth. People amazed
because she was too old
(: 279).
    Woman pretended to have
given birth; people doubt (: 49).
Childhood deeds
1) Tepoztécatl requested:
sandals, bow, arrows, carcax.
2) Hunted in a magic
manner (: 33-35)
    He knew they were not his
parents (: 281).
-A great hunter.
-Skilled in politics and arts.
-Pious (: 44).
By mysterious means,
he knew who his mother
-Magic hunter due to wind powers.
-His presents: bow and sandals
-He knew he was the son of the wind
(: 51).
Requested arrows
and became
great hunter (: 26)
  He demanded: sandals, bow, arrows
He had magic hunting powers because he was the
son of the wind.
A giant from Xochicalco
who ate old people (: 37).
A giant who ate old and
young people (: 53).
  A king who demanded old
people as victims (: 281).
A monster-ruler who demanded
blood from the rulers of the region (sacrifice) .

King of Xochimalcatz wanted to
eat T’s mother as part of town’s
A god-sent monster. He ate old
people given to him as tribute (: 50).
A seven headed
serpent that ate
old people.
The snake Mazacuatl
demanded old people as
sacrificial victims.
A monster or dragon which ate old people’s
Motivation to
T. went in place of the old
man (: 39-41)
T. wanted to kill him
(: 53).
  T. went in place of the old
man (: 282).
Negotiation with X. who accepted T. instead.
T. asked his father to pray to Ometochtli.
T. asked the king to let him go
in her place.
T. demanded to go in old man’s
place. Captors refuse. He turned one
into stone. They accepted.
T. went in old
man’s place.

T. went in old
man’s place
T. went in place of the old couple
Signs of victory
or defeat
At Cozcatzinco:
Victory- column of white
Defeat- column of black
smoke (: 41)
    On top of the hill, after
Victory- white smoke.
Defeat- black smoke (: 283).
Victory- white smoke.
Defeat- black

In the south,
White smoke- he was safe
Black- he was in trouble
White and then black- the
people were following him.
In three days, in Cuicuitzcatlan. Victory-
white smoke.
black smoke
T. turned several captors
into cerros and he named them
(: 41).
1) Tecuezcontitla
2) Temamatlac
3) Acayocan
4) Zacatech
5) Tlacotzinco
6) Tlatlapancan
7) Calamatlan (: 43)
      T. transformed three of his captors
into rocks.
  He drew an eagle to scare devil
(this devil produces accidents on
the highway) (: 52).
He left the mark of his knees and
hands on one rock (: 52).
He named: Zacatech, Yectlalpa,
Tlahtlapancan, Calamatlan,
Xihuitlihtic, Acolapa (: 53-55)
He picked up flints.
    He picked up flints.

He picked up flints (45):

In Cuernavaca, he tried to play
teponaxtli but could not.

He took hemp, moral, a
gourd with water and
broken glass.
The king of Xochimal-
catz got angry.
He took hemp, moral, a
gourd with water and
broken glass.
He picked up flints (: 53). He flew
the rest of the trip and crossed
He picked up
long pieces of
glass (: 26
He picked up
"aiztli," obsidian
He picked up obsidian flints.
End of trip
Xochicalcatl scolded assistants
for not bringing old man (: 43)
X. scolded assistants
  The king of Xochimal-
catz got angry.
X. got angry.

    Monster got angry.
Magic transformations
In pot and in oven, he turned
into different animals and did
not cook (: 45).
    They threw T. into a pot.
He turned into different
Animals (: 284).
    In the oven, T. turned into
different animals. In the pot,
he swam (: 56).
T. affirmed that he was going
to free Morelos from Xochicalco’s
subjugation, then he jumped
into Xochicalcatl’s mouth.
X. swallowed T.
  X. swallowed T. (: 285).
X. swallowed T. (: 45) X. ate T. X. swallowed T. (: 57). )Serpent swallowed
swallowed T.
T. jumped into monster’s mouth.

Defeat of X.
T. cuts X’s stomach with flints.
T. cut X’s stomach,
produced a twister,
and fled. On the way
he created Barranca del
  T. cut X’s stomach with
flints (: 286).
X.’s vassals fled.
T. cut X’s stomach with
Flints (: 46).
T. cut X’s stomach with
the broken glass and
escaped. The people
chased him.

T. cut X’s stomach. He trans-
formed into the wind and flew to
a mountain.
T. cut serpent’s
stomach (: 26).
T. cut its
stomach with
the flints.
T. cut its stomach with the flints.
The dragon tossed smoke and fire.
T. was made king of Tepoztlán for
freeing the people of Morelos.
Sign of triumph
Column of white smoke at
Cozcatzinco (: 47).

Column of white smoke.

T. got a bow and arrow
from the old man and
became a great hunter

Column of white smoke.
Offerings to Ome Tochtli.
Men shot arrows to the sun.
He sent black smoke,
threw dust after his
trail. There a mountain
There he produced a column of white

White smoke.
T. built Tepozteco
temple by him-
self (: 26).
Cuernavaca He went to the celebration there.
He was dismissed due to his rags.
He tried to play the huehuetl and
the teponaxtli but could not.
He changed clothes, was accepted
into the party, and he poured food
onto his clothes (: 49)
In the party, he asked for
a glass of water. The
people of Cuernavaca
He went to the celebra-
tion and was not accepted
because of his rags (: 272).
He changed and went in.
He threw the food onto his
He went to the celebration,
requested to play teponaxtli,
the people from Cuernavaca
do not let him (: 46).
He played the sacred
He was made king (: 57).
He went to the celebration, but was
taken out because of his rags.
He transformed then into a beautiful
dress and then was accepted (: 58).
He poured the food on his clothes

He went to the celebra-
tion and was not accepted
because of his rags. He
changed and was accepted.
He poured the food on his
clothes (: 26).
In the celebration,
he tried to play
the teponaxtli and
the chirimía, but
the people would
not let him
He went to the celebration as king of
Tepoztlán, but was taken out due to
his rags. He changed and was accepted.
He poured the mole on his dress and
explained that clothes were more important
than people in Cuernavaca.
Stealing of the

He produced a tornado,
stole the teponaxtli, and
He grabbed the
huehuetl and the
  He stole the teponaxtli
and fled (: 274).
He produced a tornado
that blinded everybody,
and stole the teponaxtli
(: 46).
  He produced a tornado
and stole the teponaxtli
(: 59).
T. turned into wind,
blinded everybody,
and stole the
teponaxtli (: 26).
T. produced a tornado
and stole the instru-
He asked permission to play the
teponaxtli, but they did not let
him. He produced a tornado,
stole it, and fled.
Escape route
1) He pissed and thus created
Cuernavaca’s ravine (: 51).
2) Ahuatepec
3) Cuacuametla
4) Cozcatzinco
5) Conectepec
6) Ehecatepec
1) Chalchitzin
2) Cematzin
3) Casa del
Tepozteco (: 55).
  1) Barranca del Diablo.
2) He turned into a woman
and gave his urine to the
soldiers saying it was water.
3) With water, he created a
4) He went to the hill.
People from Cuernavaca
and from Xochicalco
persecuted him. He
poured water from his
gourd; it created a ravine
that his enemies couldn’t
People from Cuernavaca and Xochi-
malcatz persecuted him. He broke the
gourd; its water formed a lake that
separated him from his enemies. He
sent a white cloud, then a black one,
and he climbed a steep mountain.
1) Created Amanalco ravine.
2) Santa Catarina
3) Tlamatepetl
4) Chalchitepetl
5) Ehecatepetl- his enemies try to cut
this hill.
1) Amanalco ravine (created
with his urine).
2) Calamatlan
3) Huixcatlan ("la Aguililla")
4) Tepoztlán. He gave the te-
ponaxtli to the mayordomo of
La Santísima and went to the temple.
T. pissed and formed
Cuernavaca’s ravine.
T. climbed different
hills until he got to
T. created Cuernavaca’s ravine
with water (urine or gourd).
He ran along the Avenida 5 de
Mayo, and went from mountain
to mountain
. He got to Ehecatepetl
Defeat of Cuernavaca
The persecutors tried to cut
the Ehecatepetl, they failed,
and left (: 51).
The persecutors
  Wind blew away the
persecutors (: 290).
  His enemies cut the mountain in the
day, but at night, it grew back. They
Jiutepec, Yautepec, Tlayacapan,
Oaxtepec, Tlalmanalco joined
Cuernavaca against T. (: 60).
The wind turned his enemies into
the stone steps of the mountain
(: 27).
His ene-
mies tried to cut it.
T. became the ruler
of Tepoztlán and
Ome Tochtli’s priest.
He disappeared.
His enemies tried to cut the
mountain. So he left.
He went home.
He asked forgiveness in the
temple of Tlalnepantla.
He gave the teponaxtli to the
people of Tlalnepantla
    He threw a branch at
them. It turned into a
jungle, and they became
coyotes (: 46).
  He was crowned king.
He built a temple to Ome tochtli.
The friars threw Ome Tochtli’s idol
down the cliff two times. It broke in
the second.
Then, Tepozteco was baptized.
The lords of Cuernavaca, Yautepec,
Oaxtepec, Tlayacapan, and Tlalma-
nalco defied him.
He convinced them to convert (: 63).
This was in 1517, and the
teponaxtli still exists.
Confrontations with
other towns
  Confrontations with:
1) Tlalnepantla
2) Tlayacapan
3) Tlayecapa
4) Huaxtepec
5) Yautepec
T. defeated these towns, he
took captives to his temple
and sacrificed them to Ome
Tochtli (: 57).
Then, the five lords sieged
He created a wind storm that
produced a lot of dust and
blinded the lords (: 5
  Then, Cuernavaca, Yautepec,
Oaxtepec, and others decide
to cut the mountain where T.
is. But he blew wind and
storm on them. The water
caused the flat surface of the
mountains. It also originated
the ravines (: 291).
    He produced a storm invoking his
father: the wind god.
The bells of Mexico City’s
    With the wind’s help, he
raised the bells into the
belfries (: 60).
He raised the bells with the
wind’s help, for he produced
a storm (: 296).
  He lifted the bells with a wind storm,
and he turned weed into iron chains
to support the bells (: 27).
With the wind,
he raised the bells (: 65).
    He raised the bell with his
father’s help: the wind.
    Three boxes with:
1) Cultivating implements
2) Cords
3) Three doves
One box with six doves.T. ordered his vassals to take it to Tepoztlán without
opening it (: 298).

    1) A feast of green mole and
pumpkin (: 65).
2) A box.
3) A gourd with water from
4) A metate and a metlapil.
A box with four doves.
  A box that was to be put in Tepoztlán’s plaza.
            1) Xochimilco
2) Tulmiac
3) Otlayuca
    On the way to Tepoztlán, the people opened it.
Four doves came out. They flew to:
1) Cuernavaca
2) Yautepec
3) Oaxtepec
4) Tlalmanalco
Tepozton’s assistants opened
all of the boxes. The doves fled to:
1) Cuernavaca
2) Toluca
3) Cuautla
They were
They opened it and the doves fled to:
1) Cuernavaca
2) Cuautla
3) Xoxohtlan (Jojutla)
4) Yauhtepec
5) Xonaca-Tepec
6) Tetecalla
    His advisers took the box to
Tepoztlán. There, they
opened it, and the 5 doves
flew to:
1) Cuernavaca
2) Yautepec
3) Cuautla
4) Oaxtepec
5) Tenochtitlan-Mexico (: 66).
He took it to Tepoztlán’s
plaza and ordered no one
to open it, but the people
did. The "naked" dove
remained in Tepoztlán.
The others flew to:
1) Oaxtepec
2) Cocoyoc
3) Cuernavaca
    doomed to live in
poverty and to the cultivation of
their land (: 61).
The doves were supposed to bring prosperity:
  • A train
  • Universities
But they let this opportunity go. Therefore, they were
doomed to cultivate their land or to go elsewhere to
find jobs (: 300).
    They were doomed to poverty:
Women- slaves of metate.
Men- of farming.
He broke the gourd to give them
irrigation (: 65).
Tepoztlán lost the oppor-
tunity of being as rich as
Mexico City.
  The doves symbolized wealth and peace. So
Tepoztlán was doomed to poverty and violence.
Because of this, many people left.
Examples of Tepoztlán’s conflictive nature:
1) Fight against government (INBA) to recover
their teponaxtli.
2) Movement against golf course.
3) Movement against scenic train.
End     Tepozton built his house on the
People worshipped him and paid him
homage so that there would be no
hurricanes (: 63).
  Then, the Virgin of Natividad
transformed T. into the morning
If he doesn’t like his "fiesta" on
September 8, he produces storms
(: 67).
T. is supposed to come
back at the end of the
world, when God
resurrects everybody
(: 27).
  Tepozteco left. Some people say that he lives
in the pyramid and that he is a spirit. So they
still take him offeringsTepozteco left. Some people say that he lives
in the pyramid and that he is a spirit. So they
still take him offerings


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