¡Narco-Mania! and other parodies of the war on drugs in Mexico
Comedy shorts by Greg “Gringoyo” Berger

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Meet four agents from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, and the women who chase them! They lost their children, husbands, siblings and parents because of the U.S. ‘War on Drugs’ in Mexico. To the tune of Spanish language ‘Beatle-Mania,’ video journalist ‘Gringo Starr’ joins the ever-growing ranks of Mexican and foreign media who promote unsubstantiated stories to support the U.S.-backed War on Drugs. Meanwhile, thousands of Mexicans are beginning to fight back…

This collection contains nine short films. Pay one price and see all of the following:

  • ¡Narco-Mania! (8:22)
  • Hambre de Justicia (8:26)
  • Spring Breakers Sin Miedo (7:55)
  • Jodido México (2:59)
  • Ivan Marovic, Revolucionario Jubilado (2:29)
  • Barril de la risa (1:50)
  • Comunicado de Javier Sicilia (4:28)
  • Esta es Maria. Ella pondra fin a la guerra de las drogas (3:01)
  • Niños Hasta la Madre (1:47)

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