Carrousel Menagerie

Produced & Directed by Greg Thall
(24 minutes)

carrouselbigCarrousel Menagerie explores the superb carousels of yesteryear and the people who preserve their heritage today. At the Herschel Carrousel Museum, we see the mechanics of a classic Herschel carrousel in action as it starts up for the day. In her home, a carrousel enthusiast shows off her collection of carrousel animals, teapots, and music boxes. Back at the Museum, modern carvers create wooden animals to the famous Herschel patterns, and new punched paper rolls are printed for turn-of-the-century carrousel player organs like that at the Dentzel Menagerie Carrousel in Rochester, NY. As you ride along on this beautifully restored carousel, you will share the infectious delight of its young riders, and relive your own first ride on a wooden steed! Everyone loves a carrousel, and this film shows you why!”Carrousel Menagerie” features superb images that truly capture the excitement generated by carrousels. The video includes views of the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum machine (including assembly footage), its Wurlitzer rollmaking equipment, carvers at work, carousels in motion, and several carrousel experts – including NCA members Rosa Ragan and Noreene Sweeney. You’ll want a copy!”

Cyndy Hanks, editor
National Carousel Association magazine


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