A Journey to the Butterflies

Directed by Bruce “Pacho” Lane
(27 Minutes)

Come with Deborah Welker as she visits the famed Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Mexico. Deborah takes us first to the lovely old mining town of Angangueo, in Michoacan state, jumping-off point for the El Rosario and Sierra Chincua sanctuaries. We visit the impressive town square, check the hotels and restaurants, then follow the spectacular road up to the 10,000 foot El Rosario sanctuary.

Before entering the sanctuary itself, Deborah talks with the guides, members of the El Rosario ejido (“collective farm”), and with Erica Vazquez, a trainer for the government Monarch Biosphere. With Erica, we visit a class for the guides, and learn some of the problems they face.

And of course, the sanctuary itself is glorious! We see the Monarchs leave their clusters as the sun warms their wings, then rest on gorgeous flowers to sun themselves before flying down to drink from a shallow stream. Along the way, Deborah meets American, Canadian, and Mexican visitors, and shares with them their wonder and delight at the beauty of the millions of butterflies and the superb fir forest in which they hibernate.

The journey ends where it began for Deborah – at the Niagara Falls butterfly conservatory, where she meets a little girl weariing her “Halloween” butterfly costume.

In an afterword, Deborah tells us of the disastrous freeze in January, 2002 (after her first visit) that destroyed 80% of the Monarchs, a consequence of continuing deforestation. Sadly, this video may be the last one made of the Monarchs in their full glory.

deb Deborah Welker

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